420 Game Application Information

From this page, you can look at the application or play the video game. The video game unfortunately has some restrictions. It is a java applet written using java's swing components. Because java has stopped developing for the mac, the game can not be played on a Macintosh machine. In addition, current browsers do not yet support swing. Instead, Sun distributes a plug-in that will allow most browsers to run swing-enabled applets. The page linked to here has instructions on how to play the game, and it also starts up the applet. When you load the page, you will get a prompt asking you whether you want to download a java plug-in (unless you already have it on your machine). Go ahead and download it - it will take several minutes to download and a bit more time to install, but the process is fairly painless and it only needs to be done once on every machine. When you have finished installing the plug-in, the page should load completely, including a button at the bottom that says "Play The Game". When you've read the instructions, press the button. A new window should pop up with the game. If any part of this doesn't work for you, please contact us at gc@the420game.com. Good luck!

Note:A new version of the applet has been put up that should be friendlier to slower dialup connections and faster in general. In addition, there is now a button for slower machines on the game instruction page. If you feel that your machine is too slow to handle the fast version, you can use this version. Please unload the applet (killing and restarting the browser usually works) before playing again.

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